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What is a Synod?

Pope Francis is planning a special meeting called a ‘Synod’, to discuss how we as a Church can be better at journeying together. This Synod allows us to focus in on our relationships with one another; our relationship with the church (locally, nationally and globally) and most importantly our own relationships with God.

This is a special Synod because he wants to hear from everyone and especially those who don’t always feel that they have a voice.

Pope Francis wants to hear from children, parents, teachers, parishioners … he wants to hear from everyone in our community!

Watch the video below which was created by our chaplains to learn more about the Synod:

In schools, Pope Francis has asked us to think about:

  • What has your faith meant to you these past 18 months living with COVID 19?
  • What do you think of the Catholic Church as it is today?
  • What is my mission?
  • What is God’s dream for me?
  • How did you talk to God during lockdown? Do you think he listened to and helped you? How?
  • Do you go to church? When did you go to church? Why? What did you like? What did you not like
  • What brings you joy in church?

'The Gospels frequently show us Jesus 'on a journey'; he walks alongside people and listens to the questions and concerns lurking in their hearts. He shows us that God is not found in neat and orderly places, distant from reality, but walks ever at our side.'

Pope Francis, Opening of the Synodal Path October 2021

What activities will we be doing in school to help us answer Pope Francis' questions?

An assembly for children to explain the synod process taking place across the world.

An opportunity for children in their RE lessons to participate in the Diocesan synodal process.

Opportunities for staff to participate in the synodal process through a dedicated ‘listening’ process.

Opportunities for parents and carers to participate in the synodal process through answering an online survey.

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