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Everyone enjoys History lessons at St Mary’s. History offers opportunities for children to develop an understanding of their identity, present circumstances and their relationship with the global community through the study of the past in Britain and the wider world. Children develop a chronological framework based on significant events and people. They develop and understanding, empathy and respect for the diversity of human experience. They study of history provides the skills of research, questioning and making decisions of both a pragmatic and moral nature. They learn to build imaginative models to test and compare opinions and points of view. These are all skills which will be valuable to themselves and their community in adult life.


  • To promote a cross curricular skills based approach to studying history.
  • For children to develop a good chronological understanding and knowledge of key events and people in history.
  • To develop and range of historical knowledge and understanding.
  • Through historical enquiry to develop children’s ability to analysis and interpret both primary and secondary evidence.
  • Use a range of media including information technology, to present and discuss their historical understanding.
  • To develop an empathy for historical events and people. 

Teaching and Learning

Children are taught history through their innovative and exciting topic work. We use a range of teaching strategies throughout the year groups such as whole class, small group and partner work. Learning outcomes are planned to ensure all pupils have access to the learning. The children are given a range of opportunities in order to peruse their thirst for historical knowledge and understanding. Primary and secondary sources are used when researching including the use of ICT resources, artefacts, books and people who have lived to tell the tale.  In addition, the children take part in role play activities, singing and visit historical places in order to bring history to life! The children record their learning in beautiful topic books from Year 6 to Year 2 and the Year 1 pupils have fabulous floor books.

Documents and Policies

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