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The use of computers and computer systems is an integral part of the National Curriculum and knowing how they work is a key life skill. In an increasingly digital world there now exists a wealth of software, tools and technologies that can be used to communicate, collaborate, express ideas and create digital content. At St Mary’s we recognise that pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced computing education with a structured, progressive, approach to the learning how computer systems work, the use of IT and the skills necessary to become digitally literate and participate fully in the modern digital world.  


  • Provide a broad, balanced, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all pupils;
  • Develop children's computational thinking so they become creators of digital content rather than simply consumers of it;
  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum program of study at KS1 and KS2;
  • Respond to new developments in technology;
  • Enhance and enrich learning in other areas of the curriculum;
  • Develop children's understanding of how to use computers and digital tools safely and responsibly.

Teaching and Learning

We have the following access to resources to enable the highest quality of teaching and learning:

Every classroom from YR to Y6 has a computer connected to the school network, 6 laptops and an interactive whiteboard with sound, DVD and video facilities.  There is a computer suite of 31 desktops and an Interactive Whiteboard. In Addition to this, there are two iPad Sync & Charge cabinets in school containing 10 USB ports in each, housing 20 iPads. All KS1 classes have their own controllable floor beebots or probots to assist in computing lessons.

Each class from YR to Y6 has an allocated slot of one hour per week for teaching computing as a discrete subject.  The computer suite, laptops and iPads are available for use throughout the school day as part of computing lessons and for cross-curricular use.  Pupils are supervised using ICT at all times. 


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