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Below the Curriculum tab, you will be able to view some of the different activities undertaken by our pupils and get a flavour of our rich and stimulating curriculum.

St Mary’s is a vibrant learning community and uses every means possible to motivate and challenge its pupils. Our Forest School encourages learning in the outdoor environment and the experiences of our pupils are enriched through music, art, dance and drama. Educational visits to the theatre or to places connected to the class topic also play a vital part in our curriculum.


Curriculum Co-ordinators

Over the coming weeks, each of our curriculum areas will be added to the Curriculum tab above.  Below, you will find all the areas of the curriculum and who is responsible for them within St Mary's.

  • RE: Mrs Burchall
  • Maths: Mrs Clare
  • English: Miss Crook
  • Science: Mrs Everitt
  • Computing: Mrs Weaver
  • Geography: Mr McCavera
  • History: Mr McCavera
  • Music: Miss Crook
  • Art and DT
  • PSHE: Mrs Pidlisnyj
  • EAL: Mrs Foster
  • Languages: Miss Chambers
  • Gifted &Talented: Mrs Weaver
  • SEN: Mrs Stewart
  • Assessment: Mrs Clare

The Queen's Jubilee






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