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Pupil Voice - School Council 2014 - 2015

One of the ways that pupil voice can be heard in the school is through the school and class council meetings. In this way pupils are engaged in the decision-making processes of their school and community.

At St Mary's, we have a very successful school council, whereby each class have two representatives who meet termly. These meetings are minuted and can be found below.

Class Council meetings are held up to 2 weeks prior to school council. The minutes of the class council meetings then form the agenda for the school council meeting. School Council minutes are displayed at the bottom of this page.


Head Boy and Head Girl 2015 - 2016

All pupil ideas and contributions are valued and acted upon. To date some of the changes that pupil voice has brought to the school are:

  • one sitting at lunchtime
  • lunch trolleys
  • themed hot dinners
  • disposable cups at lunchtime
  • new cycle shed
  • liquid soap dispensers
  • new designs for playground
  • air freshners in toilets
  • library designs

Every Child Matters

The message from the DfE is that every child matters. The Children’s Act of 2004 puts children at the centre of our community. The very name of the act tells us this. In this very important piece of legislation, the onus is firmly placed upon schools to achieve the following five key outcomes for children and young people:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • achieve economic well-being
  • make a positive contribution.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School is committed to "The Every Child Matters" agenda. This is displayed very prominently on our T.V. screen both in the entrance foyer and outside in the playground.

Class Council Representatives



School Council Minutes of Meetings 2014 - 2015



School Council Minutes of Meetings

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