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Geography Curriculum

Geography develops children’s knowledge of people, places and environments around the world. It makes a connection between natural and social sciences, encouraging the use of cross curricular skills and knowledge, requiring a range of investigating skills. Geography makes children aware of the issues facing our world and to think of global and not just local consequences. Geography help prepare children to be aware of their own responsibilities in looking after the world around them, being aware of the natural world that sustains us.

Aspiring to achieve Eco-School Green Flag Award

St Mary’s Catholic Primary school has already achieved the Silver Award for Eco Schools and continues to promote environmental and sustainable education throughout the curriculum and staff and children work hard to develop the opportunities for children to find out about:

Energy issues including conservation and using renewable such as solar and wind technology.

Work along side Thames water to promote efficient and responsible use of water as aprt of the Save water Swindon Campaign.

Develop the school grounds to encourage sustainability and biodiversity. The school has a Conservation learning area and school raise bed zone where children participate in gardening, forest school and learn about the environment in the outdoor classroom.

Promote healthy living for staff and pupils as part of the Healthy Schools Award.

Set up and continue to support the 5 Minute Walk Zone encouraging and rewarding parents and pupils to think about the impact of how they come to school.

Staff and children are alert to keeping the school free from litter and sorting waste into reusables and recycleables with special collection points for compost, batteries, paper, metals and plastics.

As a Catholic School, and the idea that we are all part of  Universal  Church living in a World created by the wonder of God, children are encouraged to have a global awareness and a sense of responsibility for people around the world a respect and awe of God’s creation. Through the curriculum children develop a world view supporting organisations such as Fair Trade, CAFOD and Mary’s Meals to improve the lives and opportunities for people around the world.

As part of St Mary’s application for Green Flag Status the whole school in Term 3 and 4 this year will be tackling the cross curricular “Big Question”, “How is the Blue Planet changing colour?”


Our aims at teaching georgraphy are:

To increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the local environment, a contrasting locality and the world beyond by making comparisons and links.

To develop and use geographical enquiry skills through the use of ICT, field work, secondary sources and by using and making maps.

To be able to analyse information from a variety of sources and to develop the ability to communicate and record findings in a variety of ways.

For children to develop a knowledge and understanding of natural and man –made patterns and processes that influence the world around us.

To have knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development and an awareness of their own responsibilities of what are global issues.

The primary National Curriculum documents and policy for Geography