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Design Technology


Each year, we design and make our own topic books.  This process includes sewing, binding and marbling.  We take lots of pride in our topic books and enjoy filling them up throughout the year.

At St Mary’s, we aim to deliver the Design Technology curriculum through practical and creative approaches, enabling children to become competent designers of the future. We provide opportunities to solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts, using a cross curricular approach involving mathematics, science, computing and art. We engage children in meaningful Design Technology projects that link to their current topic and develop children’s designs skills through many innovative activities and school trips.

We encourage children to look at designer’s and inventor’s work for inspiration, alongside looking at and testing existing products. They are then able to design, make and evaluate their own products. Through Design and Technology, children are constantly reflecting and questioning, which leads to enhancing their design skills. This enables the end products that children produce to be refined and of high quality.

Children are also taught important cooking skills, developing an understanding of nutrition, where food is sourced and healthy eating.

We enable all children to:

  • develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world
  • build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users
  • critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others
  • understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook. 
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2015-2016 Projects

Throughout the year, we have been engaging in a range of Design Technology Projects.  

In Key Stage 1, the children have designed, made and evaluated their own coasters. They have also engaged in a range of food technology such as making sandwiches and ‘dinosaur’ burgers.

All children in Key Stage Two made their own topic books at the beginning of the year. This process includes sewing, binding and marbling. We take lots of pride in our topic books and enjoy filling them up throughout the year.

In Middle Phase, projects such as den building and igloo building have enabled a development of team work. Children have also made their own circus animals using simple mechanisms such as levers to make different parts of their animal move.

In Upper Phase, children have used their research of 1960’s patterns and prints to design and made their own 1960’s style bags, using fabric paints to decorate their fabric before sewing together.

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Group 4

The primary National Curriculum in England documents and policies for Design Technology