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Proposal to change the age range of St Mary's to 2-11 years and open a nursery provision

Background and rationale

Educational benefits

Vision for St Mary’s Catholic Nursery

Our aim is to develop the full potential of each child, spiritually, intellectually, morally, emotionally, physically and socially. We will offer equality of opportunity to all children regardless of religion, gender, ability or ethnicity. As a school, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. We are committed to celebrating the Catholic ethos of the school helping our children towards an understanding of the Catholic way of worship from the earliest age. Through offering children this experience of life in a community founded on Gospel values, we aim to prepare them for life as Christians in the wider world.

St Mary’s Nursery will offer a calming but stimulating environment; a place where children can explore, learn, develop and grow.  St Mary’s Nursery has access to the wider school site and resources and the benefits this can bring. A designated school hall, large playground and large field for physical development, nutritional hot dinners cooked freshly on site.  The children in St Mary’s Nursery will be offered a range of exciting learning opportunities.

Our Objectives for St Mary’s Catholic Nursery

  • To nurture the positive relationships between home and school; value parents as ‘first educators’ and continue our ‘open door’ policy that both supports and gives parent opportunities to be involved pro-actively in their child’s learning
  • To develop children in their prime areas - ensuring they are well supported through effective use of our inclusion team.
  • To deliver an exciting and engaging curriculum that children are keen and eager to learn in and facilitates best outcomes for their future
  • To create an inspiring learning environment that is inclusive and meets the needs of all children allowing them to feel safe and instilling a ‘can do’ attitude for learning that can follow through from Nursery to Reception and for the rest of their learning life
  • To provide children with the very best learning experiences and support to enable them to progress, ensuring that each stage of their development is observed and monitored by highly skilled and appropriately trained staff
  • To ensure early education will have provided the children with high quality interactions with dedicated and qualified staff that will impact on all children’s development and learning
  • Recognition as an Outstanding School from EYFS to the end of KS2

Benefits to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

  • Increased provision for the local community
  • Smoother transition from nursery to school
  • Improved educational, outcomes for all children
  • Potential recruitment and retention incentive for all staff – child care available on site
  • Earlier engagement with parents
  • Earlier intervention
  • Opportunities for continuity for pupils who choose to enrol for primary provision at St Mary’s – from early years through to year 6 if they so wish
  • St Mary’s will continue to build upon the high quality education provided for their current pupils.



St Mary’s catholic Primary School are opening a period of formal consultation on the proposal to reduce the age range to 2-11 years and open a nursery provision at St Mary’s.

The proposal is as follows:

To lower the age range of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School from admitting children from 4-11 years old to 2-11 years old.  To open a nursery provision on the School site, providing a facility for 26 children. There will be a maximum of 26 places for 3-4 year olds and we plan to open a provision for 2 year olds in the future.  It is envisaged that the provision will open in January 2019, however, this is subject to the outcome of the consultation. The consultation period will run for 4 term-time weeks, from Wednesday 12th September.

Consultation events will be held at:

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School on Tuesday 25th September 9:30am - 11:30am or 1pm - 2:30pm for the open day and 4pm-5pm for the consultation meeting.

Copies of this consultation document are available for collection from the reception at St Mary’s School or through the School’s website:  

Views are welcome regarding the above proposal by the deadline date of Monday 5th October. A consultation response form has been included at the end of this proposal for your convenience. 

   Next Steps

There will be an open day at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School led by the Headteacher and senior staff on Tuesday 25th September between 9:30am-11:30am or 1pm-2:30pm.  There will also be a consultation meeting from 4pm-5pm.

The open day and consultation meeting will provide an opportunity for all those who are interested in the proposal to be able to gather information and ask questions. Please email:

nursery@st-marys.swindon.sch.uk or phone the school on 01793 523850 if you wish to attend the open day and/or the consultation  meeting.

How to respond

A response form can be collected from the office or downloaded by clicking here. 

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